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Mar 27, 2014

Jorge Rojas, Clemente Humanities instructor and lead advisor on the “We are One Inside Out” project, stood high above 1300 East on a lift cleaning an outside wall of East High School.  He was covered in wheat paste and working tirelessly hanging 100 black and white photos representing ethnic diversity at East High School and the “new face” of Salt Lake City.


Mar 25, 2014

For years, Tim McCarthy has lectured students in Dorchester, in a program where he now has an endowed chair. Read Harvard Gazette Story


National Endowment for the Humanities features
the Clemente Course

The Art of Freedom by Earl Shorris

Announcing the release of The Art of Freedom: Teaching Humanities to the Poor by Earl Shorris.

Earl Shorris in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2010


Earl Shorris Fought Poverty With Knowledge

"Today is very hard but not impossible to find people like Mr Shorris. I'm a student from Odyssey Project. I was invisible to people because even though I was educating my self, I know it wasn't enough. Today I found my track thanks to the humanities. There's really professional teachers to help us to develop our skills. Let us know the we are no poor when one is educated. I'm very excited to see the way Odyssey has changed my life, and the people who is around me. I'm no invisible anymore. And don't feel poor anymore. The most important thing is that I'm taking my classes in Español, here in Chicago." 

Richard Torres, Odyssey Project, Chicago  

A Bard College Clemente Course 

"The world improves when each one of us becomes better. The Odyssey Project achieves one of the kindest acts: it encourages us to look within ourselves, to seek a better world and the most important, it gives us hope to find it."

Luis Tafolla, 2013 Odyssey Project graduate, Chicago

A Bard College Clemente Course


Earl Shorris visits Buenos Aires

Nov 11, 2010
A recent visit to Argentina
Earl Shorris shares an encounter with teenagers, talking about the Allegory of the Cave (from Plato's Republic) and asks the question: Do you wish to start the path of wisdom? 

Shorris is the founder of the Clemente Course in the Humanities,  a college level course aimed at people living in poverty, and to help them develop critical thinking, argumentative capacity, evaluate the taste for art, reflect on history, logic, known works of literature, and apply this new ability to thinking in any field. The Course is free and today is taught in 17 states in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Africa and Australia.
Earl Shorris Visits Brazil

Shorris is in Las Tunas, which is a barrio in Tigre, part of greater Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He is meeting with high school students and teachers from the University of San Andrés.