Faculty Resources

Sample Syllabi and Course Material


Literature - Dorchester (PDF)

Literature - New Bedford (PDF)

Literature - Port Hadlock (PDF)

Reading Guide for Antigone (PDF)


US History - New Bedford (PDF)

US History - Port Hadlock (PDF)

US History - Boston (PDF)


Philosophy - Salt Lake City (PDF)

Philosophy - New Bedford (PDF)

Philosophy - Port Hadlock (PDF)

History of Art

Art History - New Bedford (PDF)

Critical Thinking & Writing

Washington State University Critical Thinking Project

The Delphi Report (1990) Critical Thinking: A Statement of Expert Consensus for Purposes of Educational Assessment and Instruction

Critical Thinking & Writing (PDF)

Defining Critical Thinking

Valuable Intellectual Traits

Teaching and Learning

Benchmarks of Effective Educational Practice (PDF)

Values Rubric (PDF) from American Association of Colleges and Universities



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