Research and Conference Proceedings

Clemente and Clemente-inspired courses:

From Australia:

The Ballarat Clemente Program: A doorway to the treasures of humanities education (2010)

Promoting social inclusion: Emerging evidence from the Catalyst-Clemente program (2010)

The impact of tertiary-level humanities education for homeless and marginalised people (2006)

Social inclusion through community embedded, socially supported university education (2012)

From Canada:

The Clemente Program and Calgary Alberta's Storefront 101: Intuitive Connections To The Traditions and Practices of Adult Education (2005)

From the United States:

Neither Necessary nor Sufficient: Community Education and the Fight Against Poverty (2009)

Teaching Humanities in the Community: What students learned (2007)

MassHumanities Longitudinal Study (2006-11)

Teaching Democracy: Reflections on the Clemente Course in the Humanities, Higher Education, and Democracy (2002)

The Use of Socrates: Earl Shorris and the Quest for Political Emancipation Through the Humanities (2006)

Midwifing Democracy: Reflections on the Democratic Promise of Socratic Maieusis (2008)

Supporting research:

From Great Britain:

Missed opportunities: The case for investment in learning and skills for homeless people (2006)


Coming soon: More papers, conference proceedings and relevant research to support Clemente and Clemente-inspired programs.

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