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Clemente Course in the Humanities at East High, Salt Lake City, UT

Host Organization: Utah Humanities Council

Address: 202 West 300 North

City: Salt Lake City

State/Province: Australian Capital Territory

Zip/Postal Code: 84103

Country: U.S.

Academic Director: Jean Cheney

Contact Name: Jean Cheney

Telephone: 801.359.96760

Faculty: Jorge Rojas, Patricia Rohrer, Sean Desilets, Gary Marquardt

Brief History:
This high school Clemente Course began in the fall of 2013 through a partnership between the Utah Humanities Council, the University of Utah, Westminster College, and East High in Salt Lake City. The first class was a group of 21 AVID sophomores. They studied art history, philosophy, history, literature, and critical writing during two semesters. They had two class projects: The We Are One Inside Out art project and an oral history project in which students interviewed family members as part of their study of migration in the U.S.

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