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Kingston Clemente Course, NY

Host Organization: Bard College

Address: 55 Franklin Street

City: Kingston

State/Province: New York

Zip/Postal Code: 12401

Country: USA

Academic Director: Marina van Zuylen& David Shein

Contact Name: David Shein

Contact Email:

Telephone: (845) 758-9343

Brief History:

2011 has been a great year for the Kingston Clemente Course! The Kingston Library has generously provided us with a seminar room, parents have left their babies, toddlers, and older kids with one the wonderful librarians in the Children section, and our students have discovered with astonishment that Plato, Kafka, and Tolstoy feel like contemporaries! The students range from 16 to 70 and they have been remarkable in all ways! The course is co-directed by David Shein and Marina van Zuyle.

Our professors include:

Philosophy: David Shein (Dean of Studies and Professor of Philosophy at Bard College)

Literature: Marina van Zuylen (Professor of French and Comparative Literature at Bard)

Writing: Duff Allen (English Teacher at the Kingston High School, Bard MFA, novelist, and winner of an Olmsted National Teaching Award)

Art History: Susan Merriam (Associate Professor of Art History, Bard College)

History: Christian Crouch (Assistant Professor of History, Bard College)

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