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Jefferson Clemente Graduate Wins City Council Seat in a Landslide!

Port Townsend, WA: For Port Townsend City Council, two young new council members will replace two who are retiring. For Position 6, Amy Smith, beat her opponent, by a 71.5 percent to 28 percent margin. Amy is a graduate of the Jefferson Clemente Course: "I took this course as a wayward youth; it changed my life."

Amy Smith for City Council

Homeless when she moved to Port Townsend, Amy is currently Executive Director for The Boiler Room, a nonprofit coffee house and social services hub. She credits the Clemente Course with helping build her self-confidence, empowering her to serve her community and inspire future generations. Of special note to Amy was a guest speaker who addressed the use of logical fallacies in debate. This presentation continues to help her recognize faulty rhetoric in the arguments of others. "The Clemente Course gave me a chance to realize that I could continue to learn," says Amy. "I'd almost given up."

Amy's campaign emphasized issues of particular concern to low-income people: access to affordable housing and transit, economic opportunity, the environment, education, health care, and food security. She has a fifteen year history of working with nonprofits in Jefferson County. She serves in the role of Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Port Townsend Main Street Program, which promotes the economic vitality and preservation of our historic business districts (while maintaining a small town quality of life). She is also a member of the United Good Neighbor's Campaign Cabinet, a nonprofit organization that helps raise awareness of and provides funding for critically needed social services in our community. And she volunteers for Habitat for Humanity and Centrum, and is a member of the Rotary Club of Port Townsend.

Because, Amy was concerned about all the waste generated by plastic campaign signs, she hand-painted hers on recycled cardboard.

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