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UW Odyssey Project, Madison, WI

Host Organization: UW Madison

Address: 21 N. Park St. Rm. 7468

City: Madison

State/Province: Wisconsin

Zip/Postal Code: 53715

Country: U.S.

Academic Director: Professor Emily Auerbach

Contact Name: Emily Auerbach

Contact Email:

Telephone: 608-262-3733

Fax: 608-265-2475

Faculty: Emily Auerbach; Craig Werner; Marshall Cook; Jean Feraca; Gene Phillips; and guests

Brief History:

Since 2003, the UW-Madison has offered a free humanities course for adults facing economic barriers to higher education. Our program is inspired both by the Clemente Course and by Berea College. Built into the UW-Madison credit outreach offerings, the course is held at a neighborhood library. Students receive free tuition, books, and childcare while earning 6 UW credits in English literature (also incorporating history, philosophy, theatre, music, journalism, African-American studies, and other disciplines into the course). More than half of our budget now goes toward helping our graduates keep going in school after they complete our program. We are proud that students who were homeless now have UW-Madison bachelor's degrees; we've watched as students who were once incarcerated go on to become Madison Police Officers. Of the 30 students who have been admitted into the program each year, an average of 25 each year earn the full six credits and an additional 1-5 earn three credits, stopping half way. Because of this high retention rate, we now have over 200 graduates of the program.

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