The Clemente Course in the Humanities

The Clemente Course in the Humanities® is a unique educational institution founded in 1995 to teach the humanities at the college level to people living in economic distress. The course works in conjunction with faculty from leading colleges and universities on five continents.

Students learn through dialogue about moral philosophy, literature, history, art history, critical thinking, and writing. More than ten thousand students worldwide have attended a Clemente course, and over fifty percent have successfully completed it.

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Clemente Veterans' Initiative

“The world improves when each one of us becomes better. The Odyssey Project achieves one of the kindest acts: it encourages us to look within ourselves, to seek a better world and the most important, it gives us hope to find it.”

Luis Tafolla, Odyssey Project, Chicago,IL - A Bard College Clemente Course

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Recent News

Woman on an Odyssey: Dane County

Original article: The University of Wisconsin-Madison

Keena Atkinson ’15 knows what it means to persevere. Before she became a UW-Madison graduate and was recruited by a major corporation, she was a homeless, single mother. What changed her life trajectory?

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Meet Trea Vance

Graduate of Odyssey Junior in Madison, WI

At the NAACP office in Washington, D.C., where she is interning this fall, Trea Vance collects stories of racial discrepancies in the criminal justice system. A junior at the University of Wisconsin majoring in political science and legal studies, her work in Washington has furthered her resolve to go to law school. As an attorney—and ultimately a judge—she believes she can make a difference.

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Meet Freddy Carnes

Teaching Artist for Kids in Free Minds

When Freddy Carnes arrives to teach a few doors down from the Free Minds—the Clemente affiliate in Austin—he might be carrying a guitar, a box of costumes from a Shakespeare play, or a stack of journals kids will fill with their writing through the year. One thing is for sure: he’s there to create some magic.

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